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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by test2


What happened to Paris Hilton’s dog, Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell is a tiny Tea Cup Chihuahua, originally owned by American heiress and celebrity Paris Hilton. She is said to have purchased Tinkerbell after seeing “Legally Blond”, a 2001 film starring Reese Witherspoon and a Chihuahua character named “Bruiser”.

Tinkerbell was seen with Paris Hilton is all 5 seasons of MTV’s “The Simple Life” and countless authorized and unauthorized magazine photos. She had her own line of doggy couture designed by Hilton and is thought to along with the “Legally Blond’ dog, have more than doubled sales of Chihuahuas in the United States

Chihuahuas are now, second to Pit bulls, the dogs most often found in animal shelters which suggests that many have since been abandoned and/or were bred irresponsibly.

Tinkerbell was reported missing from her home in 2004 and Hilton put out a public plea for her rescue. Tinkerbell was recovered one week later without any explanation, leading to public speculation that she wasn’t actually Tinkerbell, but an impostor.

In response to an Animal Control complaint of owning too many dogs, Hilton gave Tinkerbell, or the dog thought to be Tinkerbell, to her mother, Kathy Hilton in 2005.



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